The Old Wykehamist Guild initiative is an opportunity for OWs in the same profession to gather together, to network with each other and to reconnect with the School, by supporting current Wykehamists with careers advice. There are currently 12 OW Guilds, each led by a Guild Leader who creates the template for the group. 

Current Guilds  
Arts Charlie Macnamara (Coll, 2008-13)
For OWs involved in all areas of the art world, wether performing, writing, creating, producing, collecting, exhibiting of publishing - to name a few!
Banking Freddie Lee (D, 1990-95)

Freddie Overton (F, 2004-09)
For OWs who either work in the energy sector, such as oil, gas, green or power generation, or in companies who support the sector, i.e. market analysis, financial services, consultancy, legal or communications.

Entrepreneurs Chris Wheatcroft (I, 1991-96) Read more information
Law Ben Pilbrow (G, 1994-99)
Media & Communications  
Medical Hamish Laing (F, 1972-76) Read more information
Private Equity, Hedge Fund  
    and Fund Management James Walters (Coll, 1998-03)
Real Estate Charlie Browne (A, 2002-07)
Regional Guilds  
Australian Guild Patrick Medley (G, 1970-74)
Hong Kong Guild Paul Tao (I, 1980-85)
Indian Guild J-P Hamilton (G, 1968-91)
Proposed Guilds  
Japan Guild Simon Chapman (A, 2001-06)
USA Guild Gideon Agar (C, 1978-02)

If you are interested in joining a Guild, please email the Win Coll Soc Team for further information. Alternatively, join the ‘Old Wykehamist Network’ on
Linkedin, where you can follow individual discussions on the Guild sub-groups.

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