Mapping the World Exhibition

Hariot Map

Thomas Hariot's description of the
Enlgish settlement at Roanoke, Virginia, USA, 1590

For thousands of years maps have been used to define our place in the world, serving as aids to navigation, understanding and imagination. This exhibition draws on the collections of Winchester College to examine some of the most important developments in the history of mapmaking, from medieval to modern times. It begins with an Anglo-Saxon Charter, almost a thousand years old, and a map of the world given to the College in 1404. Spectacular atlases show how Europe’s knowledge of the world expanded during the Age of Discovery, and the craft of mapmaking developed. On display are maps made for many purposes: as evidence in legal disputes, to encourage investment in overseas colonies, and for planning military campaigns.

Ralp;h Higden Polychronicon
Ralph Higden Polychronicon c. 1380
A rare medieval world map showing the city of Jerusalem at its centre

This exhibition takes place from
Tuesday 27 March to Sunday 16 September
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