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Don Soc is a part of the Winchester College Society network specifically for former dons, and widows and widowers of former dons. There is a lunch each year in School on the first Saturday of Cloister Time. It also serves as a central point for disseminating news. For further information please email Laurence Wolff the Chairman of Common Room or Win Coll Soc

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An invitation to an annual lunch as guests of Win Coll Soc. The first such event will take place in School on Saturday, 25th April 2015. Please mark your diary now – further details will follow shortly.

  • Access to the public areas of the School (such as are used on the guided tours visit, for instance), including a small number of personal guests. (N.B. For security purposes, we are sure you will appreciate that it is crucial that you should only attain access after signing in at the Porters’ Lodge and that a security lanyard should be worn throughout your visit.)
  • Friday evening drinks in Bethesda with current members of Common Room.
  • The ability to host an academic meeting in Bethesda, provided that the approval of the Chairman is given and that no inconvenience is caused concerning the day-to-day use of the building.
  • Improved communication from the School.
  • An invitation to the annual Win Coll Soc Lunch on New Field on Winchester Match (there will continue to be an, albeit subsidised, cost on this occasion, currently £25).
  • For those former dons who retired with more than ten years’ service, lifetime honorary membership of the Wykeham Sports Club is offered by Winchester College Enterprises.  Please contact their office for details.

T. +44 (01962) 621399

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